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“Dealing With A Sinning Brother”

Dealing with a Sinning Brother August 17, 2011 Ever been faced with issues with a close friend and didn’t know how to handle it; I know I have.  It’s hard confronting someone close to you that is doing wrong, in fear that you may push them away and lose someone you love.  Thankfully the God we serve lays out the ground rules on how we should handle...

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When Your Brook Dries Up

“When Your Brook Dries Up” July 13, 2011 I love hearing message about struggles, trials, and tribulations because I know there isn’t one person who hasn’t faced “living in a drought” so to speak.  Although at times it takes a great amount of effort, I thank God when I’m going through a hard time because I know no matter the outcome, it...

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“Bless Your Way Through”

“Bless Your Way Through” July 6, 2011 When we are facing tough times in our life, sometimes the road to better days can be a lot easier if we bless our way through it. We may not always want to have a positive attitude when we are going through things but by doing so we can definitely shorten the length in which we have to suffer.  There are...

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