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“Raising Disciplined Kids”

“Raising Disciplined Kids” Pastor Lance D. Watson St. Paul’s Baptist Church Discipline – is not punishment.  It’s the process by which we learn the way of life.  The root word is disciple.  The Master leads the student/learner until the disciple can learn for himself or herself.  Discipline means “to train.”...

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“I’m Glad it Ran Out”

“I’m Glad It Ran Out” March 8, 2012 Now what!?  What happens when the unexpected happens?  It is almost inevitable that we will reach a point(s) in our lives where we find ourselves saying, “Now what?”  We graduate from college only to have no job waiting for us, now what?  Been in the hospital for a few days and you don’t have any insurance,...

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“Trust God”

“Trust God” November 16, 2011 Bishop Noel Jones A fear of the unknown can sometimes make it hard and scary for us to have full trust in God like we want and should have.  Having faith in Him plays a MAJOR part in being able to trust God in every aspect of OUR own personal lives.  We cannot have the same “vision/concept” of God that anyone...

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