Meet the Team

David, Amie, and Alyssa:
(left to right)

WNS Team

David, Amie, and Alyssa all live in the Richmond, VA metro area.  They belong to different churches, but share the same desire to spread the Gospel and to help others develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.



WNS Amie

Amie joined Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries in Richmond, VA in March of 2009. While she enjoys services on Sundays, there is something special about Wednesday night service. The message is always a word from God that speaks directly to her spirit. She leaves church reloaded and ready to get through the week. Amie created this blog the same year to share this motivation with the online world. In the same way Wednesday service inspires her to be a better messenger for Christ, she hopes this website inspires you…



Alyssa Bell is a contributor to the site.  After reading, and actually taking something from each of the posts made weekly, she felt led to be part of such a wonderful ministry.  Since becoming a contributor to the site, not only is she spreading God’s word, but she’s learning more about His word as she writes each week.  Alyssa hopes WNS inspires you and touches your heart in a way that only God can!!!  Be Blessed!!!



David Bell is from Prince George, VA.  He started blogging for WNS in June 2011 after his sister suggested that he join the team. David is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. He plans to attend graduate school and eventually pastor a church.