“No Ordinary Love”

Romans 5:8

8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Love. What exactly is love?  The definition of this loosely-used word is a profound tender, passionate affection for another person.  Recently, the world just celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Easily, this one day takes in billions of dollars in profits with the massive sales of flowers, candy, expensive dinners, and lavish gifts. February 14th is pure bliss, however, the days after are “back to normal.”  In this day in age, love has been watered down.  We say we love someone but our actions show the contrary.  We give our hearts to a special someone because of being in love, but that person abuses it.  We are tired of being lonely, so the first person who comes along and shows you and I a little attention can easily win us over.  No matter what we do, we will never be able to please people. People come and go in our lives and humans will let you down.  Many have been betrayed, abandoned, and hurt by individuals who we loved and care for, only to leave us scarred and bitter for a period of time.  Although many are still looking for that ordinary love, a few of us have found an extraordinary, pure, unconditional love which only comes from Jesus.

Jesus is love! What kind of love is this where we constantly mess up and He is still there to pick us up and cleanse us from all filth and sin? What kind of love is this where many of us should have been injured, disease-infested, or dead, BUT GOD!  What kind of love is this where He knew many would reject Him but yet still died on the cross?  If you and I were the ONLY ones on this Earth, He would have still gone to the cross. Not only did Jesus die on the cross for you and me, but He went to hell just so we wouldn’t have to experience it for ourselves. Hallelujah!  Jesus is the one true love we all need in our lives. Not only does Jesus love us but we have to love Him more than ANYTHING and ANYONE.  Nothing should separate us from His love.  Don’t allow another day to go by without calling out to Him because tomorrow isn’t promised.   Jesus is waiting with open arms to show just how much He cares.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT:  No matter what you’ve done and how many times against God, you are still precious in His sight and the apple of his eye.  That is no ordinary love!

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