1 Chronicles 16:34

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”

God is so good!  His forgiveness, mercy, and blessings have made a tremendous impact on all of our lives. Every financial blessing, healing, and promotion comes from God.  We all know that He is good, but sometimes our actions reflect just how “thankful” we are.  It’s funny how when we need God to move in a mighty way in our lives we are constantly seeking and thanking Him in advance for the breakthrough.  But after the blessing comes, we don’t pray, read the Word, or seek Him like we used to.  Merely saying “thank you” isn’t enough. Have we become so programmed at church that the praise team or Pastor has to coach and pep us up for praise and worship?  What is our quiet time like at home when no one is watching? Do we take the time to lift our hands before God in adoration and appreciation towards Him for all that He has done?  TRUE, GENUINE praise and worship is really done when no one is watching.  We need to always have a spirit of thanksgiving in us because God could have given our blessing to someone else. 


Just think about all the times when you had a bill due and didn’t know how you were going to pay it and where the money was going to come from.  Not only did God send the money or laid it on someone’s heart to be a blessing to you, but He always does exceedingly, abundantly, and above what we could ever ask, imagine, or think!  Think about that sickness or disease you were diagnosed with. The doctors couldn’t figure out what to do, BUT GOD! He’s a healer! You could be in that position on your job you know you did not qualify for.  His favor is amazing! How many car accidents have we dodged? God’s grace and mercy kept us alive!  EVERYONE has at least ONE reason to thank Him–you’re reading this blog post, which means He allowed you to see another day!  Hallelujah! If we were to write down all God has done for us, trust and believe we would run out of writing space.  Not only praise Him in your harvest season, but learn to also worship during the storm. Our spiritual walk depends on it!



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