“The Delivering Power of God’s Love”

“The Delivering Power of God’s Love”

Rev. Juanita Adams
Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries

I love wrapping gifts!  In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to do during Christmas time.  Although presents look nice when they’re neatly wrapped with pretty paper and bright bows, the real treasure is the gift itself.  Have you ever received a gift and never opened it?  You’re probably thinking, “No,” but that’s exactly what happens when we receive salvation, but don’t open our hearts to receive God’s love.  He sent Jesus Christ to the earth as our ultimate gift.  Through him, we have unconditional love and liberation from the challenges and strongholds we battle in life.  Rev. Juanita Adams blessed the congregation by giving us just a taste of her own testimony in which she experienced the love and grace of God in a personal and life-changing way.  

She described how she was married to a wonderful man of God.  She and her husband led a growing church ministry and God used them in a mighty way.  Rev. Juanita described how the Lord placed many gifts in her husband.  He was an amazing preacher who could lay hands on the sick and see them healed, and operate in the gift of the prophetic.  Yet, she believed he was battling certain addictions on the inside.  Her suspicions were confirmed after she dropped him off at the airport one day for a preaching engagement out of town.  A few hours later she received a call that he had been arrested at the airport for crack cocaine possession.  After that discovery, she soon realized he was leading a secret life filled with substance abuse, pornography, and same-sex relationships.  It was during this confusing and desperate time, that she had to depend on God to get her through.

Rev. Juanita’s testimony (and this was just a small part of it) is proof that life experiences can bring us closer to God.  Satan tries to make us doubt the love of God, but the Lord’s love can break through any wall of bondage and set us free.  He can deliver us from anything!  His love is so powerful, but it won’t do us any good if we don’t open our hearts and receive His love into our lives.  If the love of God was something money could by, the rich would live and the poor would die.  Thank goodness it does not work like that!

Something to think about: Nothing is more valuable than your soul.  It is the most precious thing (worth more than money, a home, luxury car, or any other material thing).  Let the love of God into your life.  It’s the best gift you can receive and Jesus Christ sent it directly to you.


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  1. If there ever was a message of deliverance this was it. Rev. Juanita is & has been a lovely woman of GOD since I was a part of the ministry which her & her husband led. He was a great inspiration to many, but as she indicated GODs love is a gift to anyone who is willing to receive it. Had I not had a personal relationship with GOD, I could have been damaged by church hurt, but experiecing the unfailing love of GOD’s, his grace & mercy has kept me.

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