“Be of Good Cheer”

“Be of Good Cheer” Part 2
Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr.
Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries

We can’t overcome the things we need to overcome unless we have a positive attitude.

Matthew 14:27 (KJV) Jesus Walks on Water
But Jesus immediately said to Him: “Be of good cheer.  It is I. Be not afraid.”

Jesus wanted the disciples to know they didn’t need to freak out when they saw Him.   In contrast, the enemy wants you to be afraid.  but, never freak out when dealing with something.  The Holy Ghost inside of you is already working it out.

Solutions don’t come when you’re worried.  You have to be of good cheer.  You have to be able to minister to yourself.
When some of your greatest breakthroughs are in the process, the enemy will try to wear you down the hardest.  When you are of good cheer, than the God in you can operate and flow.  That’s how you get to the enemy.

Something to think about: To be of good cheer also helps you, physically.  It keeps your body.  It removes stress.  It’s not a good thing to say you have joy on the inside when you really don’t because others will notice this.  Real joy brings peace.

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