“The Bible Tells About God”

“The Bible Tells About God”
Woodlawn Baptist Church
March 16, 2011

I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.  ~Psalms 119:30.  The Bible is our source of information on learning about God.  It lays the foundation on how we should live our life according to His laws and commandments. 

Jeremiah Wrote About God (Jeremiah 36)

God commanded Jeremiah to take a scroll and write down all the words that He had spoken to him concerning Israel, Judah, and all nations from the time He began speaking to him during the reign of Josiah till now.  God’s purpose was to inform the house of Judah to return from their evil ways so that He could forgive them of their sins.  Jeremiah asked his friend Baruch to help him write all the words that he spoke that came from the Lord.  Because Jeremiah was restricted from going into the house of the Lord, he commanded that Baruch go and read the words that were written out of his mouth to the ears of the people.  One of the king’s helper heard Baruch reading the word and took the writing back for the king to read.  The king did not like the words of the lord and decided to cut it with a penknife and cast it into a pit of fire.  God then commanded Jeremiah to, again, write the words of the Lord all over again. 

Something to think about:  The bible tells us about God.  The Lord clearly shows us in this story that His words are very important to Him, for us to know and to hear.  Take time to read His word DAILY to learn more about God.  Knowing God and His word will allow us to make better choices in our life; ultimately allowing us to live a life on the straight and narrow.

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