“Praising God with Music”

Praising God with Music
Woodlawn Baptist Church
February 16, 2011

2 Chronicles 5:13 (NIV)
“The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, the singers raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang:  “He is good; His love endures forever.” Then the temple of the LORD was filled with the cloud.”  Nothing warms God’s heart more than hearing praises sung to Him.  Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

2 Chronicles 3:1-3 “King Solomon Builds the Temple”
Instructed by God, King Solomon began to build the house of the Lord in Jerusalem on mount Moriah, where the Lord appeared to his father David.  He was given precise instruction on how the temple should be built.  This temple was built as a beautiful place where people could gather and praise God.

5:1-13 “Dedication of the Temple”
When the temple was complete, King Solomon placed silver, gold, and all the furnishings, dedicated by his father David, inside.  He summoned all the elders of Israel, all the heads of tribes and chiefs of the Israelite families to bring up the Ark of the Covenant from Zion.  When everyone arrived at the temple, they dedicated the temple.  Filled with many instruments and singers, they praised God through music, thanking the Lord for the new temple that was built.  A cloud (God’s presence in and approval of the Temple) had filled the room that priest could not perform his service.  God was so pleased, for the glory of the Lord filled the temple of God.   

How strongly are we praising God through music?  Are we so passionate in our praise that the presence of the Lord is with us?  How much of our time is spent listening to music that praises God?

Something to think about:  It pleases God’s heart when we praise Him with music.  I encourage you all to find a moment to praise God through music; whether you listen to Christian music on the way to work, or simply meditate to it before sleeping.  Come, now is the time to worship.  Whatever method draws you closer as you praise Him, make sure you take a moment and “Jam for Jesus.”


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