“Praising God in Prayer”

“Praising God in Prayer”
Woodlawn Baptist Church
February 9, 2011

Luke 1:13 (NLT)
“…your prayer has been heard…”
A key factor in any type of relationship is communication; both talking and listening.  God wants us to communicate–PRAY–with Him; He is listening.  In talking with God you should thank–PRAISE–Him for the things that He has done in your life and the things He is going to do in your life.  Just as a couple may personally express their thankfulness to one another verbally…we should personally go to the Lord in prayer & give Him our praise.

Luke 2:22-40 Simeon and Anna Praised God
The time approached for Mary and Joseph, by law, to present baby Jesus unto the Lord in Jerusalem.  When they arrived in Jerusalem they met a man named Simeon.  Simeon was very righteous and devout.  It had been revealed to him by the Holy Ghost that he would not die before seeing the Lord’s Messiah.  Being led by the Spirit, Simeon made his way to the temple where baby Jesus would be.  Simeon then held the child in his arms and took a moment to praise God for allowing him to see his salvation.  He mentioned to Mary and Joseph all of the great things their child would do when He grew to be a man, and they were amazed.

There also at the temple was an old woman and widow by the name of Anna.  She never left the temple, but yet worshipped night and day, fasting and praying.  As Mary and Joseph approached Anna, she immediately gave thanks and praises to God for sending Jesus.  Soon after they had performed all that was required of them by law, they returned to Galilee.  The child grew strong in the spirit, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him.

Are our minds parallel with Simeon and Anna when it comes to praising God?  Are we taking time out of our busy lives to thank and praise God in every situation He brings us through, whether big or small?

Something to think about: Praising God in prayer is an intimate and personal moment that will strengthen your relationship with Him.  STOP!!! Take a moment to praise God in prayer for all He has done for you.

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