“Elisha’s Room”

“Elisha’s Room”
 Woodlawn Baptist Church
January 26, 2011

Not that we have dominion over your faith, but are fellow workers for your joy; for by faith you stand. ~2 Corinthians 1:24  It is important that we help others out when needed; especially when they are doing God’s work. 

2 King’s 4:8-13
Elisha was a man who did God’s work.  He traveled all over telling everyone about God.  He would often go through a town called Shunem.  While he visited Shunem he met a woman who invited him to eat with her and her husband at their house.  Elisha ate at their house every time he passed through.  The woman knew that he was a holy man who visited Shunem regularly, spreading God’s word.  She told her husband that they should build a room for Elisha to stay whenever he visits.  Her family built Elisha a room equipped with a bed, table, stool, and a candlestick.  It came to pass when Elisha returned to Shunem he visited the family once again.  They showed him his new room that they had built for him.  Elisha was thrilled and could not believe what they had done for him. In return Elisha wanted to do something special for the lady and asked her would she like for him to speak on her behalf to the king or the commander of the army.  The woman simply replied “I dwell among my own people.” I think it’s very important to notice that throughout this story the woman and her husband’s name were never mentioned.  How serious are we in helping others as they serve God, with no expected reward in return? Are simply providing “a meal”, or are we going a step further and providing “a home” for others?

Something to think about:  Helping others is a commandment from God.  Have a humble heart when helping other people.  Read the next couple of verses (14-17), although the lady did not ask for anything in return from Elisha, she was still blessed and favored by God.  Do your part in helping others, God will handle the rest.

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