“Getting Plenty of Sleep”

“Getting Plenty of Sleep”
Woodlawn Baptist Church
December 8, 2010

~Genesis 28:10-22

I am learning daily that there are countless ways and reasons in which God speaks to us.  He may speak to us sometimes to guide us according to His will.  Other times He may be sending a message to inform us of something big that will take place.  No matter how or what God says to us, we must have an open heart and be willing to let God speak. 

In Genesis 28:10-22 God certainly spoke to Jacob in a powerful way; through his dreams.  Jacob had been traveling for a very long time and became very tired.  As he came to a certain place he decided to rest because the sun was set.  He gathered stones to use as his pillows while he slept.  As Jacob was dreaming a ladder appeared upon the earth and the top reached to heaven with Angels of God on it.  The Lord standing at the very top spoke to Jacob.  He identified Himself as the God of Abraham and Isaac; confirming to Jacob the Abrahamic covenant that the Lord once made (Genesis 13:15).  He announced to Jacob that the land at which he was resting, He would give to him and his children.  He promised that He would be with Jacob wherever he would go.   Jacob awoke from his sleep afraid, not knowing that the Lord was in this place and that it was none other but the house of God. 

The next morning Jacob thanked God by setting the stones up for a pillar and poured oil on it.  He named the place Bethel “house of God” and promised to give the Lord a tenth of whatever the Lord gave to him.  No matter how or what God says to us, we must have an open heart and be willing to let God speak. What if Jacob decided to brush his dream off as just being a result of extreme fatigue?  He would have missed out on a wonderful blessing from God. Instead he woke up out of sleep afraid because he believed the Lord was truly there, ready to bless him. 


Something to think about:  What blessings are you missing out on by not allowing God to speak to you? Chances are He is going to bless you in the end, because He loves you and wants what’s best for you!  Open your heart and allow God to speak to you today.

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