“Gathering with My Family”

“Gathering with My Family”
Woodlawn Baptist Church
November 17, 2010

“Give thanks in everything”  ~1 Thessalonians 5:18

In most cases, the visit and fellowship with others is needed more so than the reason why you gathered together in the first place.  Jesus showed His love to others by visiting their houses for meals.  Luke 10:38-42 explains the story of how Jesus went to the house of Martha and her sister, Mary.  While visiting, Mary sat at Jesus’ feet to listen to His word while Martha worked hard preparing a meal for her guest.  Martha became upset with her sister and demanded that Jesus make Mary help her.  Jesus explained to Martha how He cared more about being together than about food.  Mary’s decision to listen to Jesus was far more important than anything else she could do during His stay.  How often are we quick to clean and prepare for the arrival of a guest when the only thing we need to do is sit, listen, and take everything we can out of the visit?  What opportunities, messages, or commands from God are we missing out on by not pausing from our “busy” lives and just LISTENING!!!!

Something to think about: Next week many of us will be busy prepping and preparing meals for Thanksgiving.  In the spirit of the holidays, be sure to give thanks to the Lord for these cherished times.  As you gather with your family to celebrate the holidays, take a moment to appreciate the time of fellowship and presence of one another and how important these moments are.  Sit back and listen to the voices around you; there just may be a message you need to hear.

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