One on One Time

“One on One Time”
Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr.
Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries

We didn’t have a traditional service tonight.  No sermon, no scripture, no altar call, but the presence of the Lord was all over the sanctuary.  The praise and worship team did an awesome job of ushering in the spirit of God.  And, my Bishop did what he does best:  He flowed with the Holy Spirit.  Instead of telling us to open our Bibles, he simply began to worship God and told us all to do the same.  He declared tonight’s service would be “one on one time” with God.  Something I really needed.  A few situations have come up in which I’ve really had to seek a heart of forgiveness.  It’s easy to complain when people have wronged you or disappointed you, but it’s hard to wipe the tears away and forgive them, and even more difficult to pray that God bless them anyway.  Tonight’s service allowed us all the chance to pray and worship God in our own individual ways.  You could feel deliverance in the atmosphere — like a heavy weight was being lifted off our backs.  To sum it up best:  the Holy Spirit brings peace.  Resting in his presence brings such a calmness even when a storm seems to be raging all around.  Although there’s no scripture to reference or main point to break down, tonight’s message is clear.  Find your quiet place, spend some one on one time with God, and let the Holy Spirit bring peace into your situation.


  1. It is amazing how men of God are lead to give us the words we need, just when we need them most.

    Sometimes we get so busy, we pray to God, but don’t have time to calm dowm, be quiet and listen to Him speak to us.

    Thanks for your beautiful notes, as usual, and may God continue to bless you.

  2. This is a wonderful web site. I received a card last night and appreciate the service you are rendering. I was not able to attend service last Sunday and before I can hear the cd, I have read the notes and I am ready for the cd. What a blessing. Also, recapping services helps us to see that others are thinking the same things so we must be in some point of unity. Keep up the good work. And know that you are making a diffence.

  3. Well written Amie! The Holy Spirit was simply amazing on Wednesday. Glory Be to God sis.

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